Tea Time Together

Tea Time together is for young children.

On the Tea Time Together Facebook page there are lots of activities for young children. Colouring sheets, word searches etc. Link to Facebook page: Facebook page

Link to Sunday 31st May videos. (In 2 parts) The day of Pentecost           Day of Pentecost Part 2

Link to Sunday 24th May video The group of Jesus's friends pray together and grow

Link to Sunday 17th May Video Jesus goes up to heaven

Link to Sunday 10th May video Jesus gives his friends instructions

Link to Sunday 3rd May video  Jesus appears to seven disciples. (Dave and Rosie are Sue's son and daughter-in-law)

Link to Sunday 26th April Video The road to Emmaus

Link to Sunday 19th April Video Thomas Doubts 

Link to Easter Sunday Video. Jesus is Alive!

Link to Good Friday Video. Good Friday

Link to Thursday 9th April video. The Trial of Jesus 

Link to Wednesday 8th April video. Peter Denies Jesus. Peter Denies Jesus

Link to Tuesday 7th April video. Jesus prays in the garden. Jesus prays in the garden. Tuesday video

Link to Monday 6th April video. The Last Supper: Monday video

Link to Palm Sunday 5th April video: Palm Sunday Tea Time Together Video